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House Rules

Guest Information & Fees

Thank you for booking your stay with Ravens House Sapphire Apartments. To ensure that all our guests, our neighbours and future guests have the best possible experience, we have a few simple house rules.

No smoking in the apartment


All our properties are Non-­smoking. As a kind measure to future guests, if you do smoke, please ensure you do so outside and then dispose of the cigarette butt thoughtfully.

Please be mindful of your noise

We don’t expect our guests to be silent, however, as a lot of our apartments are in blocks of apartments, sound can travel a long way, so please be mindful of your noise level and respectful to others around you, particularly in the evening.

No Parties

OK, so in this case we are party poopers! Out of respect to our guests and neighbours, our properties are not available to hold parties and we will not tolerate them. If you wish to hold a party, we politely advise you to go somewhere else.

No Pets

We’re huge pet lovers at Ravens House Sapphire Apartments however we recognise and respect that some people are not or could be allergic to them, so we kindly ask you to refrain from bringing your beloved pets into any of our properties.

No Illegal activities

Whether it is providing a ‘personal’ service, or selling illegal substances, we do not tolerate any illegal activity, and will prosecute if this is ignored. If we suspect this is happening at any time during your stay we will ask you to leave the premises immediately, there will be no refund and we will make an admin charge.

Treat our team with respect

We hope you share our belief that everyone has the right to be treated with respect. However if we hear any reports of any form of abuse towards any member of our team, you will be asked to leave.

We want every guest to experience that wonderful clean feeling when they walk into a Ravens House Sapphire Apartments property, which is why we kindly ask that you leave the property in a reasonably tidy condition when you depart. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to do the dusting, just please avoid leaving spillages on the carpet, or beer splattered on the walls, make sure the furniture is left where you found it and please do the washing up before you go. Thank you.

Interim clean for longer stays

If your stay is for longer than a couple of weeks our cleaning team will pop round to freshen the property up for you. We’ll agree a convenient time with you to carry out this interim clean. After all, we pride ourselves on ensuring our properties are maintained to the highest standard for all our guests. You included!


We all know that accidents happen and things may go missing from time to time. We kindly ask you to report any breakages/faulty appliances etc. as soon as possible via our website help@rhsa.uk , or by phoning our helpdesk, so they can be fixed as soon as possible. We’re very friendly, and we won’t tell you off!


We hope that all our guests respect our properties and furniture, however sometimes this is not the case. If there is excessive damage to a property, its equipment or furniture, we reserve the right to charge for the repair/replacement, plus an admin charge. If, however, you find something that is broken during your stay, please let us know by email help@rhsa.uk or by calling our help desk. We will not charge you if it was an accident and you have notified us about the problem.


Where we use physical keys to access the apartment, please leave them where you found them from on your arrival, when you leave. If you lose your key during your stay, or don’t leave it behind when you leave, then we will make an admin charge to replace it. If you later return it, we will refund half of this charge.

Sofa Beds and Cots

Please notify your helpdesk team by phone or email help@rhsa.uk before your stay should you require linen for the sofa bed or (if available) if you require a cot, so that we can have your room set up correctly ahead of your arrival.

Additional Charges

We hope you agree that these house rules are there to ensure all our guests have a pleasant stay. However, in the case where the House Rules aren’t adhered to, we reserve the right to make additional charges and in extreme cases we will ask you to vacate the property immediately with no refund given.

Smoking within the property: £650 Cleaning & Admin charge

Excessive damage to the property: Cost of repair or replace + £300 Admin charge

Illegal activities: £1000 Admin Charge

Lost Key: £50 Admin Charge

Extra Cleaning (e.g Washing up): £50 Cleaning Charge

Parting words…

We wish you a very pleasant stay within your property and hope you find everything you need to ensure your experience is comfortable and accommodating. We kindly ask you to respect our ‘House Rules’ and treat this property as if it’s your pride and joy (or if you were inviting the Queen to stay).

Our kindest regards,
The Ravens House Sapphire Apartments Team

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